We see hospitality as a way of life and focus on the best experience for customer, guests and owners that are fundamental part of this industry.

DRS360 Hospitality Lab provides full-scope hospitality Development and Project Management services for Hotels, Resorts, Mixed Use Resort-Residential and Residential projects across the Americas and Caribbean. Using a collaborative 360 degree approach (Lab) with all project stakeholders, DRS360 helps create highly marketable environments with lasting aesthetic, lifestyle and overall customer experience that transforms into economic value for owners.


The DRS360 team has the experience-based knowledge and performance-proven capability to manage all aspects of a project from Architectural Design through construction, Subcontractors, Interior Design and Procurement including managing the flow and accuracy of communication and documentation between the owner, lender, design team, contractors, governmental authorities, consultants and the operator.


DRS360 strives to add value at every level of the project process. Throughout the project we drill down on organization, scope, cost, schedule and construction, while maintaining the design integrity and operating efficiency of the product. We see hospitality as a way of life and focus on the best experience for customer, guests and owners that are fundamental part of this industry.


DRS360 has the experience to understand that it takes much more than a beautiful design to make hospitality projects successful. Going beyond bold and sophisticated interiors, our proven design process defines strategic environments while being mindful of individual business and branding elements creating distinct destinations and experiences.


Offering a single source 360 view procurement approach allows our clients to get the benefit of our expertise and extensive list of suppliers with integration into the design process. Passing off the procurement process allows us to truly provide a full service turn key process.


Our Designers have a wealth of experience managing projects and are PMP educated.  We work with clients to establish project goals and objectives from conceptual planning through project completion.  Offering this in-house skill  allows for the identification of value-added opportunities, superiorly effective timelines, along with optimal efficiency for coordination and planning.


DRS360 has an in-depth knowledge of the varied formats of hotel operation and the equations for front and back of house facilities, cost efficiency of land and design and operations.


We understands that hospitality design is a rigorous typology with delicate balances to be achieved. Our designs offer creative, rapid design responses that achieve efficiency for operators and a memorable and aspirational experience for guests.


The value of a hotel asset depends on its management. Positioning of assets is directly linked to management effectiveness.


There are very specialized managers nowadays, but this is not necessarily a guarantee of proper management. Therefore, control and analysis are essential to ensure the best asset profitability.


This service applies if the property has a rent or operations contract with a hotel manager. We are your expert for a property that does not have full expertise of the hotel industry, in terms of management and investment. We are by your side in growth and supervision of your asset.


DRS360 Hospitality Lab is a Driving Force of Change in the Hospitality Industry.


We are a boutique 360 Company which strives to challenge the status quo and established order. With our creative strategies and best
practices we turn around hotels, and reposition them to outperform their competitors and become local market leaders.


We have a firm belief that independent hotels and innovative lodging concepts have a strategic advantage over chain franchise branded hotels. With a marketplace driven by online reputation and guest reviews, a hotel with an individual character and unique customer experience can be leveraged to gain global reach and exposure.